My Bowflex Max Trainer is Rusting

7 months 3 hours ago #634 by Anonymous
My Bowflex Max Trainer is Rusting was created by Anonymous
I have the M7 and love it, great workout. Am wondering if anyone has issues with rust? I sweat a lot when I use it and think I have salty than normal sweat. All of my bolts have started to rust, and the inside metal that attaches the pedal to the wheel that goes up and down on rail at the base. Just curious if others have noticed rust accumulating?
4 months 3 days ago #688 by Paul
Replied by Paul on topic My Bowflex Max Trainer is Rusting
Yes, I have had the same issue, I use my m7 at least twice a week and have only had it for about two years. The machine is in a bedroom and although I do sweat a lot I do not feel as though it is enough to cause rust. Have you contacted Bowflex about it, I plan on calling them.
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