Canceling your order on Vistaprint

2 years 10 months ago #186 by Geo
Anyone know how soon can you cancel your order after it is placed on Vistaprint? I need to get my money back. I placed my order 2 days ago and just found out my client meeting was canceled next month. I have about $400 tied up in merchandise that I don't need anymore.
2 years 10 months ago #188 by AurtherB12
Replied by AurtherB12 on topic Canceling your order on Vistaprint
Depending on what you ordered you should have contacted Vistaprint right away. You probably have only a couple of hours before most merchandise is put in the queue for printing. I would think this would make it much harder to cancel.

You can cancel your order under the "My Account" on Look at your order history and you should see a cancel button if it is still possible to cancel.

In your case though I would probably just go ahead and call the Vistaprint customer service 1 800 number.
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