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MyHeritage is a genealogy service which allows it's users the ability to build family trees. With over 8 billion records which range from census records to photos, to newspaper articles MyHeritage makes it easier to search and find records which related to the user's relatives. They offer a number of different search tools which can automate the process and even find other family tree's that may intersect with yours.

Currently MyHeritage has over 92 million users that have created 40 million family trees. These family trees have more than 2.7 billion profiles. The service can be accessed from, Family Tree Builder (PC software), and apps which are available for iOS and Android operating systems.

MyHeritage also owns the software application Family Tree Builder and the DNA genetic testing service MyHeritage DNA. For more information on their DNA service, please read the MyHeritage DNA statistics and facts page.

For more information about this company please see our detailed MyHeritage information page.

History of Facts & Statistics


  • MyHeritage currently has 8 billion historical records, 2.7 Billion profiles, 92 Million users, and 40 Million family trees. [1]
  • They are available in 196 countries and 42 languages. [1]
  • More than 2 million profiles get added daily to the MyHeritage database. [2]
  • MyHeritage has 370 employees. [2]
  • MyHeritage has had $49 million invested into it. [2]
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  • MyHeritage users now have access to 6.3 billion historical records. [1]
  • A new feature called Global Name Translation is released which automatically translates names from different languages to make searching for ancestors more efficient. [1]
  • MyHeritage now has 80 million registered users and is available in 42 languages. [2]
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  • MyHeritage partners with FamilySearch which allows MyHeritage users to gain access to an additional 2 billion historical records and family tree profiles. [1]
  • MyHeritage has more than 75 million registered users. [1]
  • The MyHeritiage has more than 1.6 million people profiles and is available in 40 languages. [1]
  • MyHeritage has 150 employees. [1]
  • MyHeritage releases Family Tree Builder v7.0 software with many new features. [2]
  • Record Detective is a new feature for theMyHeritage website that automatically makes connections between different historical records. [3]
  • MyHeritage adds all of the United States census records from 1790 to 1940. [4]
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  • MyHeritage has more than 57 million registered users. [1]
  • The MyHeritiage now has 18 million family trees and has more than 800 million people profiles and gets almost 1 million new profiles each day. [1]
  • MyHeritage has almost 100 employees. [1]
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  • The MyHeritiage database has more than 260 million people profiles and 230 million photos. [1]
  • MyHeritage raised $15 million from an investment group including Index Ventures and Accel. [1]
  • MyHeritage has more than 25 million users. [2]
  • is now available in 25 languages with an additional 10 languages coming online soon. [2]
  • has 5 million monthly unique visitors. [2]
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  • service is now available on their website. Both the PC software and website are now available in 16 languages. [1]
  • MyHeritage software and service switched from being completely free to a freemium model. A basic free version is available for all users along with a premium version for subscribers. [1]
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  • MyHeritage was founded in 2003 by Gilad Japhet. At first it was free software for the PC available in 6 languages. [1]
  1. How A Startup No One Would Touch Crushed Silicon Valley Moguls And Became A Giant [1]


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