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In 2012 Ancestry launched AncestryDNA which now has the largest consumer database of DNA records with over 10 million. During the last Holiday quarter (2016) over 1.4 million DNA kits where sold. Once a customer has submitted a sample and it has been analyzed, they not only get to find out about their ethnicity based on 26 different regions, they can also find other customers who are relatives with the DNA matches report. With this additional information from DNA matches, customers can also automatically update their family tree.

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History of Facts & Statistics


  • AncestryDNA Traits is a new interactive platform which allows users to see up to 18 different traits they have inherited. Traits can be compared with other members and costs $9.99 which can be purchased with the DNA kit or afterwards. [1]
  1. Ancestry Launches New Interactive Feature Involving Traits


  • AncestryDNA has developed a new algorithm that analyzes longer segments of genetic information. This means the Ethnicity Estimate report is more comprehensive and is broken down into more regions (from 26 to 37). For example Asia East will be broken down into smaller regions such as Japan, Korea, Northern China, etc... [1]
  • AncestryDNA has tested more than 10 million people and has found 23,000,000 close cousin matches found (3rd cousins or closer). [2]
  • 6,000,000 family connections created through DNA Circles. [2]
  1. Ancestry Unveils a New, Deeper Look at Ethnic Origins
  2. New Family Tree Maker Options [1]


  • Ancestry sold a record-setting 560,000 DNA kits between Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2016. [1]
  • Over 1.4 million AncestryDNA kits were sold during the quarter 4 of 2016. [1]
  • AncestryDNA now has 3 million members in its DNA database. [1]
  • AncestryDNA now has 4 million customers in its DNA database. [2]
  • The marketing firm Droga5 has been hired by Ancestry to help market their DNA testing kits. [2]
  • The AncestryDNA database had surpassed 5 million people. It took only 3 months to go from 4 to 5 million. [3]
  • 37 million third cousin or closer relative matches have been provided across the AncestryDNA network. [3]
  • Ancestry was the first to offer its genetic testing kits through Amazon’s marketplace in 2015. It sold between 400 and 500 sets a day. [4]
  • In 2016 AncestryDNA was selling about 1,300 kits a day. This made up about 10% of their sales. This means sales per day in 2016 for the kits was around 13,000. [4]
  1. Ancestry Revenue Soars with DNA Test Requests
  2. Files for Confidential IPO
  3. AncestryDNA Database Exceeds 5 Million People
  4. Amazon Becoming Marketplace for Genetic Testing Services


  • AncestryDNA has samples from 2.5 million people. [1]
  1. Ancestry Company Overview [1]
  2. New Family Tree Maker Options [1]


  • AncestryDNA sold approximately one million kits in 2015 and now has a database with DNA samples from 1.5 million people. [1]
  • The Ancestry family of products now has over 17 billion records. [2]
  1. LLC Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Financial Results [1]


  • The AncestryDNA database currently has DNA from more than 300,000 people. This is used to get information on which of the 26 regions of the world the customers ancestors came from. [1]
  • AncestryDNA can match an individual with his or her fourth cousins with an average accuracy of 95%. [1]
  • AncestryDNA development team rewrote the original "Germline" DNA matching algorithm using Hadoop and HBase. The new version of the matching algorithm is scalable and is called "Jermline". [1]
  1. Managing & Securing Data for the World's Families [1]


  • AncestryDNA is launched in May. [1]
  • To determine a persons ethnicity, AncestryDNA has to analyze 700,000 markers. [1]
  • AncestryDNA currently has 60,000 DNA samples used to determine where a person came from. [1]
  • With the "Germline" DNA matching algorithm it takes 24 hours to process matches using the sample database. [1]
  1. Managing & Securing Data for the World's Families [1]


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