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MyHeritage has been offering DNA testing since 2008. First was through their partner Family Tree DNA until 2016 when they launched their own testing service MyHeritage DNA. No numbers have been released yet on how many people they have tested DNA for.

With MyHeritage DNA, consumers can get their DNA tested and get the results usually within 4 weeks. The reports on the customers DNA is broken up into 2 sections. The Ethnicity Estimate page allows consumers to see what regions their ancestors came from. This estimate is broken into 42 regions worldwide and is currently the highest number of regions offered by any DNA Genetic Testing service (as of 2017). The DNA Match Review page allows customers to see what other customers they share DNA with. It is broken down into 5 sections which includes smart matches, Pedigree Charts, and Ancestral Surnames. MyHeritage DNA integrates directly with the MyHeritage genealogy service and family tree builder.

MyHeritage DNA is also one of the few services that allow users to upload their raw DNA data from other services so they can find out what MyHeritage Ethnicity Estimate and DNA Matches.

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History of Facts & Statistics


  • MyHeritage DNA now provides users with a percentage-based estimate of their ethnic origins covering 42 ethnic regions (up from 36). [1]
  • MyHeritage DNA adds a DNA Match Review page which consolidated into one place different sections which will help you discover how the match may be related to you. [2]
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  • Customers of 23andMe, Family Tree DNA, and AncestryDNA can upload their raw DNA data to MyHeritage and be able to use the DNA Matching service when it is launched for free. [1]
  • MyHeritage launches it's DNA testing service called MyHeritage DNA on November 8th. It provides customers with DNA matching and ethnicity estimates using a testing kit that has customers swabbing their cheeks. [2]
  • MyHeritage DNA uses the Gene by Gene lab in Houston, Texas to process the DNA samples. This is the same lab as Family Tree DNA uses. [2]
  • The test used by MyHeritage to process the DNA is called the Autosomal DNA test. [2]
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  • MyHeritage partners with Family Tree DNA which allows members of MyHeritage to incorporate information from DNA testing into their family tree. [1]
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  1. Pages change over time and while they contained the information presented here at the time of writing, it may have been updated or deleted