Refund for forgetting to skip a month on Fabletics

9 months 2 weeks ago #206 by Anna F
Be warned!

I forgot to skip a month last year in October. I called up and got a refund for the mistake I made. Well I forgot again in February but when I phoned I was told that I had already been refunded once which was a one-time courtesy refund. I think this is a stupid policy for this company.

While I was on the phone with Fabletics I told customer service that I then wanted to close my account. She told me that was fine but I would still not get my money back and they would keep the credit for me to spend later. I was furious and hung up.

A week later when I had cooled I spoke to Fabletics again. I refused to hang up until they gave me a refund and return my money. The customer service rep from Fabletics (a different one from before) did finally give in. So moral of this story is to keep pushing and call back several times if need be as you should get your money back!
4 months 2 weeks ago #249 by Kim
Hmm sounds like I gave up to soon. I used Fabletics for more than half a year and I do like there clothes. I wasn't planning to buy any clothes over the summer months so I was going to skip those but of course I forgot. I did get the reminder email but still missed the deadline for the skip.

I called and they said they would not refund the money. I was a little angry about since I was a satisfied customer up to that point. Not sure if I will use them again because of this even though I still have that money banked on my Fabletics account.
4 months 2 weeks ago #250 by JB212
I got a refund without a problem. I have only asked the one time thought. I have been a VIP member for almost a year now and buy clothes for myself and my daughter.
3 months 3 weeks ago #258 by Rebecca
I never thought of getting a refund. It just made me angry I had forgotten again. I had enough money saved up in my Fabletics account and I bought a few outfits and canceled the account.

If they made it easier to manage skipping months like allowing to skip multiple months Fabletics would still have me as a customer.
3 months 2 weeks ago #263 by -Less-
Skipping a month you don't want money put into your account is a pain in the you know what. I have been able to get a refund twice now for a month where I have forgotten to skip. I have been a VIP member for over a year and a half so this may have something to do with it... being a long term member.

The second time was much more difficult and I repeatedly had to threaten to close my account. If it happens again where I forget then I think I will have to close my account as it is not worth the phone calls to customer service, the wait times on the phone, and the stress of it all.
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