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23andMe is a consumer genetic testing service that was launched in 2006. They currently have over 5 million genotyped customers. Along with finding out about your ancestry, 23andMe is one of the few services that also offers a health component.

Once you send in your DNA testing kit you can expect your online results in about 6 weeks. Depending on the service purchases customers can expect over 90 reports. With the Ancestry Service you will get a report about your ancestry composition based on 150+ different regions in the world. You can also find out about your Neanderthal ancestry along with information about others who share your DNA. With the Health Service you will get reports on Genetic Health Risks, Wellness, and Traits (baldness, hair color, earlobe, eye color, etc.).

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History of Facts & Statistics


  • 23andMe conducted a “Genome-Wide Association Study” using data from thousands of research participants who answered relevant questions, such as “do you like the taste of fresh cilantro?”. [1]
  • New traits and habits can be detected with your DNA test including “wake” time, the thickness of your hair, your preference or distaste for cilantro, whether you get angry when you’re hungry, and your sensitivity to sound. [1]
  • New marketing campaign called "Root for Your Roots" which includes commercials airing during the World Cup. [1]
  • 23andMe entered a deal with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline for $300 million to share its database of genetic data gathered from customers. This is to assist GSK in developing new drugs and conducting research. [2]
  • 23andMe has partnerships with drug companies Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Biogen, Pfizer, and Genentech. [2]
  • The average 23andMe customer contributes to more than 230 studies on topics including asthma, lupus, and Parkinson's disease. [2]
  • 23andMe can keep user genetic data for up to a decade. The DNA data can be shared with multiple third parties for different purposes, other than disease testing. [2]
  • 23andMe has a partnership with P&G Beauty, and genetic data has been used for product research in Pantene shampoo and antacid Pepto Bismol. [2]
  • 23andMe will now be offering more genetic details for customers who have DNA linked to ancestors from African, East Asian and Native American regions. [3]
  • About 75 percent of 23andMe’s customers are of European descent. [3]
  • 23andMe is also reportedly looking at customer interest in a premium service for $749, with more detailed insight into genetic profiles. [3]
  • 23andMe announced that it would no longer share raw data with third party developers. [3]
  • 23andMe has had more than 5 million customers since the service started. [3]
  • In 2017 23andMe raised $250 million to put towards research that would expand the diversity of the data and the research on that diversity. [3]
  • 23andMe current gene-testing kits include screenings for genes involved with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, and breast cancer. [4]
  • In October 2018, 23andMe was granted FDA approval for offering health reports to consumers that lets them see how their bodies process medication. [4]
  • 23andMe Ethnic reports now contain more than 150 different regions. [4]
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  • 23andMe gets FDA approval and starts providing health reports again in the United States for $199. [1]
  • $250 million of financing was raised by new investor Sequoia Capital bringing the total to $491 million. [2]
  • 23andMe has released more than 80 peer-reviewed, published genetic studies on disease and wellness to date. [2]
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  • In September ancestry only reports are offered again at a price of $99 USD while health and ancestry reports are kept at the $199 price. [1]
  1. 23andMe is now offering a $99 genetics test again — but it's very different from the original [1]


  • Price for testing kit raised to $199 (USD). [1]
  • 23andMe once again starts offering health related reports to consumers (carrier tests). [2]
  • 23andMe raised $115 million in a Series E offering, increasing its total capital to $241 million. [2]
  • 23andMe still has not turned a profit. [2]
  • In June 23andMe genotyped database now includes over 1,000,000 customers. [3]
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  • 23andMe starts to offer it services in Canada in October and in the United Kingdom in December. [1]
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  • Health related results (assessments of inherited traits and genetic disorder risks) are suspended on November 22 for new customers while 23andMe is under FDA restrictions in the United States. Some Health reports are still available for Canadian and United Kingdom customers. [1]
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  • Price for DNA testing kit and reports is reduced to $99 (USD). [1]
  • 23andMe raised $50 million in a Series D venture round. This almost doubled its existing capital of $52.6 million. [1]
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  • 3 Options offered by 23andMe are combined again into 1 product offering. [1]
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  • 23andMe splits their reports offered into 3 options: Ancestry Edition, a Health edition, and a Complete Edition. [1]
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  • 23andMe starts offering reports to customers on their predisposition for more than 90 traits and conditions ranging from baldness to blindness. [1]
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  • In November 23andMe started to offer consumer genetic testing where customers provided a saliva sample for a cost of $999. [1]
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  • 23andMe was launched in April by founders Linda Avey, Paul Cusenza and Anne Wojcicki. [1]
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