DNA Genetic Testing Industry Overview & Statistics

Consumer level online DNA genetic testing has been available since 2000. The types of Testing includes Ancestry, Health and Paternity.

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History of Facts & Statistics


  • DNA consumer advocates are advocating for legislation to safeguard customer data because privacy policies are written to protect the company, not the consumers entrusting them with their DNA. [1]
  • Family Tree DNA gave the FBI access to its genetic database. [1]
  1. Consumer Advocates Want More Regulation for DNA Testing Kits


  • The market was valued at $70 million in 2015, and is expected to increase to $340 million by 2022. [1]
  1. How Genetics Testing Companies Can Exploit Your DNA


  • 23andMe is the first company to offer an online DNA testing service with health reports. [1]
  1. 23andMe Wikipedia Page [1]


  • Family Tree DNA was the first company to offer consumer level DNA testing The offered 12 Y-chromosome STR marker tests which where performed by Arizona Research Labs at the University of Arizona. [1]
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  1. Pages change over time and while they contained the information presented here at the time of writing, it may have been updated or deleted