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Blue Apron is based in New York and delivers to their subscribers weekly, ingredients and recipes for pre-proportioned meals. Priced to compete with other meal kit services, Blue Apron shops for its customers at wholesale and delivers the ingredients in environmentally friendly packaging. Blue Apron is currently the largest U.S. based meal kit delivery service.

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History of Facts & Statistics


  • In January Blue Apron partnered with Weight Watchers to offer a WW Freestyle menu to its customers. Blue Apron pays a fee to Weight Watchers for each subscriber that joins as a result of the partnership. [1]
  • Overall sales have increased for Blue Apron thanks to sales at grocery stores. Online subscriptions have continued to decline though. [2]
  • Through the beginning of 2019, shares of Blue Apron are still falling. [2]
  • Blue Apron has been focused more on its in-store offerings, including bundles of sauces, grains and spices to pair with fish or meat. [2]
  • Blue Apron has recently partnered with FitBit to be part of its new rewards program. When FitBit users meet their fitness goals, they can take advantage of offerings like discounts on meal kits. [2]
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  2. Grocery Stores Boost Sales for Meal Kit Industry


  • For a limited time Blue Apron has partnered with Whole30 to bring new meal kit recipes to their customers. Whole30’s meal plans are rather strict and aimed at Paleo eaters. [1]
  • Blue Apron is considering expanding their services to distribution in retail stores. [2]
  • Blue Apron’s customer base has fallen 28% to 746,000. [2]
  • In February, Blue Apron stock got a 7% bump when an analyst wrote that Walmart would be a logical buyer. [3]
  • Blue Apron stock received a 5% boost in May when Kroger announced its acquisition of Home Chef. [3]
  • As of May, Blue Apron’s stock has lost 70% of its value since it launched almost a year ago. [3]
  • Blue Apron opened their first pop-up store in New York. [4]
  • In a couple of months Blue Apron plans to sell its meal kits in grocery stores. [4]
  • Blue Apron has partnered with Fox's TV Show Bob's Burgers and has introduced several popular burgers from the cartoon. They are available only for a limited time. [5]
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  2. Hello Fresh Overtakes Blue Apron in U.S., Acquires Green Chef
  3. Kroger Acquires Home Chef Meal Kit Service, Giving Blue Apron Stock a Bump
  4. Blue Apron Opens Pop-Up Store to Grow Offline Business
  5. Blue Apron Introduces Bob’s Burgers to Their Menu


  • Blue Apron is delaying a planned IPO in order to improve its financial metrics. Blue Apron is targeting a $3 billion valuation for an IPO. [1]
  • Blue Apron had annual revenue last year of more than $800 million. [1]
  • Blue Apron filed for an IPO for up to $100 million. It is being underwritten by finance giants Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Barclays. It will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol APRN. [2]
  • Blue Apron is not yet profitable. Of almost $800 million in revenue in 2016 Blue Apron posted a new loss of $54.9 million. In quarter 1 of 2017 Blue Apron had a net lost of $52.2 million from revenue of $244.8 million. [2]
  • In 2016 Blue Apron spent $144.1 million on marketing which is 10 times more than in 2014. [2]
  • Blue Apron now offers one-time meal deliveries without a subscription. [3]
  • 90% of Blue Apron customers stop their subscription within the first year of joining. [3]
  • By end of June Blue Apron stock was trading at $10.12 which is lower than expectations. [3]
  • Blue Apron is the first US meal kit delivery service to go public. [3]
  • After their stock drops, Blue Apron makes changes to their management team. [4]
  • Blue Apron’s shares have fallen 45% (as of June 30) which resulted in Capital Group selling its 12.9% stake in Blue Apron. [5]
  • For the first half of this year Blue Apron reported $483 million revenue and a $84 million loss. [6]
  • For quarter 3 Blue Apron had revenue of $210.6 million. This is a 3 percent increase from the same period last year. [7]
  • For quarter 3 Blue Apron's number of customers was down 6% from the same quarter last year and down 9% from the previous quarter. [7]
  • Average revenue per customer increased in quarter 3 to $245 from $227 from this time last year, but was down from $251 last quarter. [7]
  • After Blue Aprons Q3 Financial report was release they saw their stock drop by 9% (Nov 2nd). [7]
  • In October, Blue Apron decided to lay off hundreds of workers, or about 5% of its workforce. [8]
  • Blue Apron founder Matt Salzberg will be stepping down as CEO, and CFO Brad Dickerson will take his place. [8]
  • As of November 30, Blue Apron shares were trading at only $2.99. [8]
  • In October, Blue Apron decided to lay off hundreds of workers, or about 5% of its workforce. [8]
  • Blue Apron was once valued at $2.2 billion by private market investors, but now has a market capitalization of $568 million. [8]
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  • Blue Apron now serves 8 million meals a month. [1]
  • Blue Apron has 3,600 employees. [1]
  • It is estimated that Blue Apron's market value is $2 billion. [1]
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  • Blue Apron is shipping over 3 million meals per month, and recently raised $135 million at a $2 billion valuation. [1]
  • Blue Apron launches its iOS recipe app. [1]
  • By October 2015 Blue Apron has raised more than $190 million in funding. [2]
  • Blue Apron ordered 3 million pounds of produce from 100 family-run farms in the summer of 2015. [2]
  • By fall of 2015 Blue Apron is delivering 5 million meals a month. [2]
  • Blue Apron currently has 2,600 salaried employees. [2]
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  • Blue Apron starts offering a Family Plan that features kid-friendly dishes designed to serve four people. [1]
  1. The $5 Billion Battle For The American Dinner Plate [1]


  • Blue Apron was launched by founders Matt Wadiak, Matt Salzberg, and Ilia Papas. [1]
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