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Daily Burn is a streaming fitness video service for your TV, computer, tablet, and smart phone. They have over 600 videos, 20 plus different workout programs, and a daily live 30 minute fitness workout class designed to help members loose weight, build strength, and lead a healthy lifestyle. The type of fitness programs available include dance, high-intensity cardio, yoga, strength training and more. Depending on the program, workouts can range in time from 15 minutes to 1 hour. All programs are instructed by certified trainers who have years of experience.

Members have access to all workouts, but by filling out the online personal plan members can refine the list to targeted workouts designed for their gender, age, fitness level, and fitness goal.

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History of Facts & Statistics


  • Daily Burn adds audio only workouts. Available workouts include interval runs (outdoor or treadmill), beginner yoga, Pilates, strength and conditioning workouts, and core-centric sequences. [1]
  1. Daily Burn Now Offers Audio Workouts


  • Daily Burn releases the Spartan Fit program. It offers 6 weeks of workouts to prepare you for the Spartan Race. [1]
  • Over 2.2 billion calories have been burned to date by members working out to Daily Burn fitness programs. [2]
  • Daily Burn can be currently accessed by the web, iOS devices, Android devices, Roku, Xbox, PS3, Amazon Fire, Chromecast and Samsung TV. [2]
  • Daily Burn has over 600 fitness videos online that can be streamed that range in time from 15 minutes to 1 hour. [3]
  • Daily Burn has about 2.5 million members. [4]
  1. Daily Burn Launches Spartan Fit Training Program
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  • DailyBurn subscription prices jumps by $2. Basic subscription goes from $12.95 to $14.95 and premium goes from $24.99 to $26.99. [1]
  • DailyBurn announces Daily Burn 365 which is a daily live streaming fitness program. This 30-minute total body workout is every day at 9:00am ET and can be accessed for 24 hours. [2]
  1. Daily Burn Price Jump For Subscriptions
  2. Daily Burn Launches Daily Live Fitness Show [1]


  • CEO of DailyBurn Andy Smith tweets "Cmon a million!" along with a link to a Instagram photo showing a screen with the number 999,217. Daily Burn reaches 1 million members. [1]
  1. Andy Smith Twitter Account on 2011-01-19 [1]


  • IAC has acquired a majority stake in Daily Burn for an undisclosed sum. [1]
  • DailyBurn currently has over 500,000 members/subscribers. [1]
  1. IAC Buys Into Fitness Social Network DailyBurn [1]


  • Gyminee is renamed to DailyBurn and gets a complete rebrand including a site redesign. [1]
  • DailyBurn currently has 125,000 members/subscribers. [1]
  • On average active users loose an average of 6.2 pounds of fat, or gain 5.75 pounds of muscle, depending on their goal. [1]
  1. Feel The DailyBurn: Gyminee Gets A New Name, Raises $525K [1]


  • DailyBurn was founded in 2007 by Andy Smith and Stephen Blankenship and originally launched as Gyminee. [1]
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